Alumni and Volunteer Corporation (AVC)

Alumni volunteerism and participation are the backbone of the Sigma Phi Epsilon undergraduate and lifetime experience. The New York Phi Chapter is fortunate to have dedicated Alumni and Volunteer Corporation (AVC) members and other brothers who give of their time and talents to ensuring the continuing success of the Sig Ep Chapter at Columbia. For questions about the chapter or to get involved, feel free to contact the members of the AVC Board listed below through brothers listed on the contact page.


Perry Nickerson - President

Brandon Christophe - Treasurer

Tom Russell - Secretary

Adam Seiber - Vice-President

Joe DiGregorio - Chapter Counselor

Ehren Stanhope - President Emeritus

Justin Feit - Board Member

Randy Subramany - Board Member

JB Bryant - Board Member

Dylan Ketcham - Board Member

Json Benscher - Board Member

Nate Levick - Board Member