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Balanced Man Fellowship

The fellowship will award $3,500 to one student from any of Columbia’s undergraduate schools to help finance a community service project.

The Balanced Man

The SigEp ideal of being a “Balanced Man” – living a life dedicated to a sound mind and a sound body – is a generally accepted, universal best practice towards living a fulfilling and complete life, regardless of gender. A major part of living such a balanced life is giving back to the community, something which SigEp proudly emphasises in its brotherhood.

Developing a sound mind means living a lifestyle that allows you to expand and challenge your mind both inside and outside of the classroom. This includes developing habits that keep your mind healthy, avoiding stress and depression.

Maintaining a sound body goes beyond workout programs for undergraduate members. It includes physical nutritional, sexual and preventative health practices. The habit of maintaining a sound body can be developed during your undergraduate years to help you develop a healthy lifestyle through graduation and beyond.

Fellowship Application Form

To apply for the Balanced Man Fellowship, please download the file at the link below, and return to the Vice-President of Philanthropy and Community Service, Campbell Donnelly, at: